Simple Sourdough Cheddar Bagels

I’m baaaack!

Actually, I should say that Matt’s back. He’s the one who concocted, baked and photographed these tasty treats. All I have to do is share his work—and enjoy these yummy, easy-on-the-budget homemade bagels!

Once the outside temperature drops each fall and we can actually appreciate the extra heat in the kitchen, the [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Orange “Cream” Scones

Subtly sweet with a hint of orange, these scones are at their best when paired with a hot drink. Given their UK heritage, tea seems most appropriate, though this variety is not particularly dainty. Indeed, these are probably better suited for a farmhouse bed and breakfast than an old-fashioned drawing room. Dense and hearty, [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Oat Rolls

I’m still having fun experimenting with cinnamon chip and sweet potato combinations. Here’s the latest recipe to receive a stamp of approval from kids and adults alike. Look closely at the photos, and you might get a sense of how the cinnamon chips are swirled between layers of tender sweet potato oat rolls. Best [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Sun-Dried Tomato Bread

This is one of those recipes that took ages to perfect. Each experiment yielded beautiful bread that was delicate, aromatic and savory-sweet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the tops to rise to perfection and stay there.

With almost every attempt, the loaf would climb toward the top of the machine and then sink slightly—or drastically—near [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Tender Tomato Rolls

Matt created this recipe by combining my Easy Cheese Brioche with his Hearty Pizza Bread. Such experiments often require multiple tests, but this time he hit a home run on the first attempt, creating an incredibly delicate roll that is excellent on its own but even better stuffed with cheese.

With their tomato, cheese [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Easy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

These chewy, preservative-free bars taste a bit like a crunchy cross between Rice Krispies Treats® and old-fashioned peanut butter cornflake cookies. If you start with a granola that is low in fat and sugar, they can serve as a protein-packed treat containing just a fraction of the fat and calories found in many store-bought granola [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Lenten Fried Rice

Fried rice is a great way to use leftover rice and vegetables. If you make it without meat, it can also be an easy, speedy Friday-night dinner during Lent.

The only downside of this recipe is remembering to make extra rice a night or two before. Based upon my own attempt with freshly cooked, I’d [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

St. Patrick's Day Carbonara

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The first time I saw a recipe for carbonara I was impressed by its simplicity but a little uneasy about the eggs.* After making a batch, I was sold. Using just a few simple ingredients, it provides a great way to get a one-dish dinner on the table in less than [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]


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