Apricot Cherry Surprise Scones

This recipe is adapted from Simply Scones by Leslie Weiner and Barbara Albright. I first tried their version almost ten years ago and was blown away by the apricot and white chocolate combination. After applying a few “savvy” changes, I’m still completely enamored with this duo, taking it to a new level in these [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Peanut Butter Gran-ookies

Imagine combining a chewy granola bar with a crispy marshmallow treat and trail mix, and you’ll have a sense of what these cookies are like. Packed full of nuts, fruit, cereal and flavor, the name Granola Cookie suits them perfectly. We thought Matt had coined a new term when he came up with Granookie, [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Cherry Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’re fortunate to have access to dried cherries in bulk here in Michigan, and we take advantage of that on a regular basis, using them in everything from oatmeal to turkey stuffing. Since dried cherries go so well with almonds and with chocolate, it makes sense to bring all three together in one cookie.

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Cherry Almond Pull Aparts

Fresh out of the oven—before and after inverting onto plate

This is a new holiday favorite. While containing less butter and sugar than most of its peers, we try to save this recipe for special occasions because it has more of both than our typical breakfast breads. We’ve had variations of it for [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Fall Harvest Oatmeal Cookies

Sometimes the nutritional “savviness” of a recipe comes from what is added or substituted, not what is removed. When baking these cookies, Matt decided to stick with the butter and sugar recommendations of the original church-book recipe, but he replaced half of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour. He also added a unique mix [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Cherry Almond Granola

Simple but elegant—this is the kind of flavor combination you might find in gourmet shops and natural food stores. Fortunately, it’s not only easy to make at home, but also less expensive than store bought. This granola has a few other advantages: it’s all-natural, low in fat and high in fiber and nutrients.

We’re fortunate [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

All-American Garibaldi Biscuits

While growing up, one of Matt’s favorite snacks was the Sunshine Biscuit Company’s Golden Fruit, a thin, raisin-filled, perforated cookie that disappeared sometime after Keebler Foods acquired Sunshine. In an online search for something reminiscent of this childhood treat, he discovered Garibaldi biscuits.

According to Wikipedia, the traditional Garibaldi biscuit consists of currants sandwiched between [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Chocolate Chippies

It’s hard to beat homemade, fully “leaded” chocolate chip cookies. The delicious combination of real butter, loads of sugar and tons of chips has made them an all-American favorite. As much as I enjoy sampling such treats, I now prefer my cookies to have less fat, less sugar and at least a touch of whole [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]


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