Blueberry Mango Muffins

I’ve been using mangoes in smoothies a lot this summer. Seeing one on the fridge shelf next to some fresh blueberries made me think it was time to run some baking experiments, despite the heat wave we’ve had in Michigan this month. (Without central air, we tend to opt for oven-free options in July [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Rustic Plum Berry Tart

I’ve seen so many mouth-watering photos of plum tarts that I’ve been wanting to try one for ages. I finally assembled two this summer: one with a sweet pizza crust and the other with ready-to-go pie crust. Although the latter isn’t as heart-healthy, it is the easiest, and that’s the one I’m sharing today. To [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Blueberry Vanilla Granola

This is a light, crunchy granola, well suited for milk or yogurt. It’s not overly sweet, nor is it loaded with sugar, calories or oil, so you can enjoy great taste without the not-so-good-for-you extras in many store-bought granolas. Unfortunately, the price of dried blueberries these days puts this recipe at near-gourmet prices.

You could [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Summer’s Best Blueberry Muffins

Light, nutritious and loaded with summer’s bounty: what a delicious way to start the day! The first time I made these, my 5-year old devoured two of them faster than his father did.

Almond meal provides extra flavor and protein, but if you don’t have any, just use more of the multigrain mix instead.

[click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Frozen Blueberry Scones

These scones are based upon a summer favorite I’ve made for many years. Impatient for blueberry season, I decided to use frozen berries instead. The resulting scones taste wonderful, but because of the consistency of the thawed berries, their color and texture are decidedly different from those made with fresh blueberries. Scones made with the [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]

Easy, Speedy Better-for-You Brownies

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Part One)

When it comes to most baked goods, I like starting from scratch. The two exceptions to that are brownies and cake. I’ve made decent—and occasionally excellent—homemade variations of each. However, the few that have turned out well typically took a lot of work. On the other hand, boxed brownie and [click headline for more — or photo in Facebook]


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