What Is a Savvy Baker?

savvy: having or showing perception, understanding, or shrewdness, especially in practical matters

In the context of this blog, “savvy” is intended to depict my zeal for increasing the nutritional value of traditional recipes. It is also to describe anyone else who strives to be a savvy baker as well, for reasons of health, budget, time, quantity or something else entirely.

The mission of Savvy Baker is to share easy, nutritious, low fat recipes—preferably using ingredients you already have on hand. Many of these are based upon recipes initially loaded with fat and calories. After some experimenting, the end result typically has less fat and calories but more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Ideally, everything still tastes great.

Overall, my personal mission here is to share, support and inspire. Your feedback, recipes, thoughts, tips and recommendations are encouraged.


Liesl Bohan

Matt, the Savvy Husband

Matthew Bohan is the primary photographer and supporting baker for this site. He has taken several of my recipes to new levels, creating sourdough versions of some and hand-formed variations of others. Friends and family agree that his cherry bagels are better than any we’ve had elsewhere, and his Challah is amazing. Check out Matt’s website to see more of his photography.

More about Liesl

An avid baker, I have been obsessed with “low fat” and “low calorie” options for decades. Rather than skip dessert, I try to make ones that include fiber and valuable nutrients—plus chocolate, if possible! For example, I’ve been known to sneak pumpkins or sweet potatoes into devil’s food cake as well as baby food apples and blueberries into brownies. Believe it or not, every piece has been eaten.

As for cooking, I try to make “real food”—usually avoiding processed—that tastes great and is good for you. In addition to sharing recipes tweaked to be less calorie-dense and more nutritious, I hope to show you how to use similar techniques with your favorite recipes.

True to the title, Savvy Baker posts sometimes reflect my penny-pinching nature as well.

A Note to Parents and Grandparents

In many ways this site is a tribute to my parents. My dad inspired a love of baking from the time I was old enough to help in the kitchen, encouraging me to assist with everything from homemade cookies and pies to semi-homemade pizza (courtesy of Appian Way). My mom instilled an appreciation for using healthful and nutritious ingredients, experimenting with homemade yogurt, whole grain breads and “sneaky chef” approaches long before natural foods sections appeared in national grocery store chains.

I hope this site inspires you to invite your children or grandchildren into the kitchen and bake with them, showing them how to make great food that’s good for them.

Have fun!



This blog…

This blog is for sharing home-tested recipes with more whole grains, less fat and fewer calories than similar recipes. If you see something you like, or if you'd like to see more, let me know! - Liesl

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